Who Am I?

Born and raised in the Rockford area I graduated from Harlem High School in 1998. After spending a few years fixing and repairing computers and their networks I decided to go back to college to get a bachelors in Computer Science. During my first semester at Rock Valley College I hooked up with the local InterVarsity chapter. At various times I served as a small group leader, did basic chapter administrative work, organized large group meetings, and started something called Atom Groups. Then, after earning my associates degree at RVC, I transferred to NIU to complete my Computer Science degree. I also served as a small group leader at NIU for InterVarsity for one year and helped with some administrative stuff for a semester. Now, I volunteer at many different InterVarsity retreats in my spare time. After college I worked at FleetSoft for almost three and a half years as a developer and now I work for Experity as a lead software engineer

I've recently switched hosts and have not yet converted my full site over. I hope to have a completely revamped site up shortly.