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What I did on my 30th Birthday - 05/19/2009
1. Slept in.
2. Renewed my Drivers license...had to drive to Schaumburg.
3. Got lots of texts/facebook messages wishing me happy B-day. (Thanks everyone)
4. Worked a half day.
5. Got a great deal on pop from Jewel. 5 twelve packs for $12.
6. Canceled my internet service at home. Yup. You read that right. I've been spending too much on the interwebs to be healthy. So God said, "Happy Birthday Chris, cancel your internet service." Don't worry, I can still check e-mail/facebook. Just not at home for a while.

What a day.
From Facebook
Do you have a data plan with your phone? I would give up cable first before internet because I am always on myspace, listening to my tunes. Myspace has free music now. It is awesome. You have a strong will.
Written By John Meksavan
gave up cable 2 years ago. :) If I had a strong will, I wouldn't need to cancel my internet for a while.
Written By Chris Carlson
From Facebook
You rock.
Written By Bethany Jones
From Facebook
Dude, you were in Schaumburg? You should of called me up and we could of gotten lunch together. My office is right by the Portillo's, where they have cops directing traffic. I almost got hit once because of those Schaumburg Cops, trying to cross Golf Road. They told me to go. And then, they yelled at me, like it was my fault. It would of hurt. What the heck?
Written By John Meksavan
From Facebook
Sounds like a productive birthday! Way to go on listening to God about the internet. I think I need to do that with facebook.
Written By Emily Elizabeth McConaghie
From Facebook
Sounds like a great birthday. We sung happy birthday to you at CFW (not really). But happy belated birthday anyway.
Written By Casey Beckley