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Meeting God in the trivial tasks of life - 03/17/2009
Tonight I was finishing up my laundry. I walked into the public area of my apartment building and heard the dryer still running. I walked back into my apartment and the thought popped into my head, "Go to the dryer, it's almost done." I felt that special heart nudge that told me there was more to this than just my own wacky though processes. Sure enough, as I approached the dryer it finished, almost as if it was acting on some sort pressure sensor in the floor. As I pulled the laundry out of the dryer it occurred to me that God probably didn't want to save me a few minutes of time on this load. I probably would have wasted it doing something else. Some would say it's just a coincidence. I would probably have thought the same thing except for two things. One, this interrupted my current plan. I wasn't thinking about what to do. I had already chosen to go back into my apartment. God often interrupts our plans for something much better. Second, this is fitting with lots of other times I've seen God arrive on the scene. (Bad play on words, I know but I just couldn't help myself.) In one case, I invited a friend to an event as she was leaving the church building and I was going in. It turned out that you needed money to get into the event and I didn't have any cash. Guess who did. Sometimes it would be something I would feel led to say or do. Only to have it turn out to form a new friendship or meet someone's need. Am I the best at listening to the Holy Spirit? The answer is a resounding "Not even close!" Am I an authority on the subject? Same answer still applies. Have I seen him work in my life and in the lives of others through me? Without a doubt! What's the point of this? Sometimes God leads us to do things just to develop our sense of his presence and to develop a receptive heart. I think sometime God wants to lead us in small things so we will know his voice when we need to hear him for the big things.
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Written By Christina Kovarik
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So true! This is why I like you :)
Written By Loryn Richardson
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I agree with you Chris. Good insight. We forget these things all the time because we get busy and don't think about it.
Written By Jeff Garcea
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I love it when I hear God's voice. I hear ya about God interrupting our plans for something better He has for us. Lately I've been hearing Him loud and clear about some things. God is so Awesome! Thanks for sharing ;)
Written By Emily Elizabeth McConaghie
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True true...good thoughts, bro!
Written By Jonathan Calandrillo