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If you're bored... - 05/27/2010
I found this to be a really good article about boredom and how we as Christians should approach it.

I've quoted the last paragraph in this note but I recommend reading the whole thing to get some really good background and further insight:

Boredom, in the end, is not so much subdued as it is expelled by recovering our passion for God, what some people call "being centered." Boredom is not so much a sin as a symptom of sin, a sign that our fundamental relationship with God, life and ourselves has been broken. In Romans 1 the fundamental sin is failure to reverence God or give thanks to him (Romans 1:21). From this fundamental sin come all the sins to which God gives people up (Romans 1:24, 26, 28), including futility (Romans 1:21), which is close to boredom. The human predicament, as Kierke-gaard said, is a failure to be our (true) selves-creatures in love with God and therefore in love with life. Pascal, out of his own struggle, claimed the answer to boredom lies in an act of faith, or rather a visitation of grace: "Happiness is neither outside us nor inside us; it is in God, both outside and inside us."