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Life lessons from Six Flags - 06/11/2010
Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Six Flags Great America for free thanks to a generous friend. While there it struck me that there are some interesting life lessons we can learn from the experience.

First, patience is key. I think the shortest we waited was 30 minutes for the Whizzer which lasted about 45 seconds. It seems like all the best things in life take patience to get there. A degree can take four years. A career can take decades. What ever you want, be patient and stick to what ever you need to do to get it.

Second, be discerning. We have a limited amount of time in the park. If you have to wait an hour to get on a ride you're not going to be able to try every ride in the park. You have to pick the best ones. The same thing is true in life. We are only on this earth for a limited time so use your time wisely.

Third, bring friends. Seriously, an hour wait goes by a lot more quickly when you have someone to share it with. God made us to be community oriented beings. So, let your friends know how much they mean to you because your life would be a lot more boring without them. Friends keep it interesting in between life's thrills.

And last but not least. Flying like superman rocks!!!