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You might be a Christian Computer Geek if... - 03/25/2009
You might be a Christian Computer Geek if:

1. You've prayed with someone while on the phone and during the prayer you thanked God for the technology to do that.

2. You've type up a prayer and encrypted it so only you and God would know what you prayed for.

3. You've written software to help you with one or more spiritual disciplines.

4. You became a Christian because you wanted to be on God's backup drive when he finally reformats the universe.

5. You feel you understand a unique part of God because you both hold the power to create worlds. Even if yours are just virtual.

6. You enjoy expressing eternal truths from scripture in your favorite programming language.

//Rejoice in the Lord for his love is infinite
bool blnHasGodsLoveBeenUsedUp = false;
while(!blnHasGodsLoveBeenUsedUp) this.Rejoice();//This is an infinite loop

7. You've asked God for root access to the universe and he reminds you that you're lucky to have a user account.

8. You've considered excorcism on code you've written.

9. GOTO 11

10. You read number 11 before number 10.

11. If the house ever caught on fire, you would grab your journal and Bible instead of your computer. But only because you know you have multiple backups located around the globe.

12. You make up lists like this instead of sleeping at night.
From Facebook
I like 4,7
Written By Emily Elizabeth McConaghie
From Facebook
I like #5, but I think I have a better insight into it as a cermacist! ;) And I almost understand #7 ! :) #12 suits you!
Written By Amanda Emrich