Lego Stuffs

When I was young practically my whole life revolved around lego's. I created a legoverse where I could control everything. A large part of my energy was focused on defending my lego people from the many evil forces in the universe. I mostly did this with awesome technology and lots of imagination. I eventually had a whole hiearchy of weapons. There where about a dozen or so different weapons that a ship might employ to engage an enemy. I even had a hiearchy of ships based on who was most powerful. On the other side of things I had a fairly developed society in place. I had a king and a queen, a treasury, and at one point even an elite gaurd responsible for protecting the king and the queen. I also adapted non lego's for use in my legoverse as was evident by the king's cape. My mom wasn't too happy with me when she found out I cut up her good hand towels. She just didn't understand that it was for my king. He was royalty, therefore he had to have the best. I have high hopes for this section of the website, however becaues I have to start somewhere. I'm going to start with some of the main defenders of the legoverse and their stories. You can click here if you want to read a bit of a dictionary to help explain some of the terms used. Below are also some of attempts to use lego's in a more artist way as well. So, instead of a story you can read about what the piece means to me. I hope you enjoy this little piece of my childhood. I know I do. Let the building begin!!!

Lego Saucer
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Lego Knight
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The Cobra
Namuh Probe