NIU Chapter Focus Week 2007 - I volunteer staffed at this retreat.

Troy playing a game

Branden and Tom (Nice)

Branden and Tom (Silly)

Camp Fire 02

Camp Fire 03

Camp Fire 04

Camp Fire

Chris' Birthday Cake

Chris with his Birthday Cake

Debbie, Jon, and Kelly

Debbie, Sam,Jeff

Fury mess

Game Time 2

Game Time 3

Game time

Onassis and Katie

Yummie! Chocolate Cake

Troy and Bethany

A spoon (Ryan) and Tom

Anna and Amanda

Bethany and John

Branden not feeling well


Brianne and Matt

Bright and cheery

Debbie and Amanda

Debbie and Ryan

Getting ready for ROS

Greg and Katie

Greg and Matt

Gregory, Jessica, and Will

James, Jon, and Dan

Jeff Eating

Jessica in deep thought

John and Jeff

John looking confused

Katie and Jessica

Katie and Kelly

Kelly and Sam

Kelly, Bethany, and Jessica

Matt, Dan, and Dominic

Mayra and Anesha

Paul eating

Rachel and Brianne

Rachel and Renee

Rachel drinking

Ram chillin

Serious eaters

Serious Matt

Silly hat

Suger and Spice and Honey

The Worship Warrior

Tom with a pony tail

Tom, Debbie, Bethany, and Greg

Trish and Branden 2

Trish and Branden

Trish, Casey, and Kelly


Type A packing

Will chilling


Amanda and Anna


An intense game

Anna and Amanda waiting for Exposition

Anna, Bethany, Amanda, and Greg

Beeming with Enthusiasm


Brianne, Rachel, and Jessica

CFW 2007 042

CFW 2007 043

CFW 2007 044

CFW 2007 045

Chris and Amanda

Chris driving to Cedar

Cold James after swim test

Cool Jet

Cool Man


Dancing 2

Dancing 3


Debbie, Renee, Kelly, Bethany a game

Distracted techie's

Dominic and Amanda

Dominic waking up


Driving Up

Erkle Fight

Flowers along the path

Friends by the lake

Funny Joke

Hotties in the sauna

Interesting teeth

James and Will

James Finishing his swim test

James, Jeff, Tom, and Onasiss

Jeff and Anesha

Jon and Katie walking to Narnia


Mayra and Chris 2

More games

More site stewardship

My Small Group

Nesha doing a cart wheel

No comment

People really do look up to Troy

Pete chillin

Playing Frisbee 2

Playing frisbee

Pleasant pics

Pretty Matt

Quiet Time 01

Quiet Time 02

Quiet Time 03

Rachel the Gnome princess

Renee and Kelly

Renee and Rachel

Renee looking serious

Renee talking on the r adio

Renee the Gnome Princess


Site stewarship

Some of the guys


Steve W Working

Students before Exposition

The best goose I ever saw

The bugs and my camera

The prank 2

The prank

Toll leaving the bridge

Tom and Amanda

Trish and Amanda

Anesha and Casey 2

Anesha and Casey

Anesha and Debbie

Bethany, Tumnus, and Mayra

Dan, Man among men

Freinds at Narnia


James getting ready for Narnia

Jessica, Anesha, and Debbie at Narnia

King of the hill

Ladies of Narnia

Leaping a creek

Look at those guns

Matt Climbing

Mayra and Chris

Mayra, Anesha, and Chris

Mayra, Jessica, Renee, and Anesha

Reaching out

Some of the ladies

Tumnus 01


Walking to Narnia

Dominic is ready for the cold

Random Clouds

Sam and Racheal

Scenic 01

Scenic 02

Scenic 03

Scenic 04

Scenic 05

Scenic 06

Scenic 07

Scenic 08

Scenic 09

Scenic 10

Scenic 11

Scenic 12

Scenic 13

Servant Team

Sunset 01