Elevation Retreat 2007 - A bunch went away for the weekend and in the process grew closer to God and each other.

Amy enjoying the Sun from the perspective of the Crosses

Amy, Cheryl, and Hayride - Swarup



Cheryl and Sam

Cheryl Like Balloons

Chris P

Dance Fever

Dancing Queen

Dragon Fly

Emmanuel & Chris P

Emmanuel & Tim

Forgiveness 01

Forgiveness - 02

Forgiveness - 03

Forgiveness - 04

Forgiveness - 05

Forgiveness - 06 (Close up)

Forgiveness - 06

Forgiveness - 07

Forgiveness - It is finished

Go Team!

Happy Birthday Cheryl

Hayride - 3 muskeeters

Hayride - Audra, Katie (A little blurry)

Hayride - Audra, Katie, Randy, & Tim's Nose

Hayride - Emmanuel

Hayride - The are without a hand

Hayride - The Horse

Hot Chicks

I'm tired!

Just talking


Laura, Amanda, & Amy waiting to leave


Michael Happy, Laura taking a picture, and Amanda smiling

Michael in deep thought

Mid Hayride - sentence

Odd Angle

One of the Crosses on the other side of the lake

Only Angie saw me taking this picture

Playing Catch Phrase

Playing catch

Randy pondering God's Nature

Sam and Emmanuel

Sam Sqaured

Scenic 01

Scenic 02

Scenic 03

Scenic 04

The Meeting Hall

Three Great Smiles

Throughing a football

Tim & Michael

butterfly thingy

Walking back from the hike

Is that allowed at a retreat

What kind of bird is this

Who would have thought she had muscles

Yikes, this is a little intense