Christmas Cookies & Tree 2009 - My mom, aunt Betty and cousin Julia came over and we made Christmas cookies and put up my Christmas tree.

Chris cleaning the table

Aunt Betty Cooking

Aunt Lilly mixing some stuff

Aunt Lilly still cooking

Are they don yet?


I got this when I was 2 years old. My mom must have taken a picture of it.

My bed was converted to a cooling rack

My mom and Aunt Lilly

My mom chilling

Julia pulling sugar cookies out of the oven

All the sugar cookies

I know it looks like peanut butter but it really is just icing

Chris trying to find the yellow icing

Julia decorating sugar cookies

Julia doing more decorating

Before we started with the tree

Getting the tree up

Hanging up the ornaments

The tree is completely put together

Work! Work! Work!

The final product