Christmas Eve 2009 - I spent Christmas Eve 2009 at my Dad's house.

Getting desert after presents

Dilan, Dan, and Brittney

Brittney and Natalie

The 3F's. Food, Family, Fun.

Mimi hiding out on top of the entertainment center

nom nom nom

Ahhhh! I'm stuffed!

AAHHHH!!! Crazy niece laughing and taking pics of herself.


Cory and Fred

Dilan and I

From the left: Dilan, Me, Natalie

Dilan got a big gift

Dad decided it was a good idea to put a kid right next to a lot of easily breakable things.

As Dan's lil stud

My dad taking Dilan down

Of course Brooklen and to have her turn

She took to it quite naturally

Natalie took a pic of Jesus' pic. After all, we are celebrating His birthday.

I think this girl is going to be one of those crazy pic people when she grows up.

You might need to go on a diet if kids use your cheeks as reigns when you give them a ride on your shoulders. :)

Yes dear, it's a Cinderalla bank. You don't have to put all your money into it tonight.

Shoot! He got the thin mints. I wanted the thin mints.

Brooklen playing hide-n-go seek. She's behind the couch and her brother found her