Trip To Wrigley - Emily and I did a tour of Wrigley Field

Bean Shot 1

Bean Shot 2

Bean Shot 3

Chris at Caribou

Chris in the press box

Emily and I in the Cubs clubhouse

Emily and I in the dug-out

Emily and I in the visitors club house

Emily and I on the train

Emily At Caribou

Emily being silly

Emily by a Ernie Banks statue

Emily in the Cubs clubhouse

Emily in the dug-out

Emily in the press box

I really like this pic

It was a long train ride

Me at a McD's outside Wrigley

Our tour guide listening to a question

Score board

The Cubs clubhouse

The people that bring the players gear to the club house have their own closets

View of the field fro mthe pressbox

View of the fields

WGP Radio 720

You can see lake Michigan from the press box

You can totally see the Willis (Sears) tower from Wrigley

Sorry it's so blurry