2015 Family Camp III - Cedar Campus - Emily and I went to Cedar Campus for vacation. Had a blast doing lots of reading and hiking.

Our back yard for the week

The view from Taylor lodge

A young boy playing on the beach

The common room in our cabin.

The new lounge area

The old lounge. In one of those jars is a thumb drive with pictures from Cedar past on it.

View from the Bear dock

View from the Bear dock 2

View from the Bear dock 3

Beautiful flowers

More beautiful flowers

Emily and I getting ready to hike to Narnia

Yet more beautiful flowers

I think this used to be a road. Now it's a long and narrow meadow.

Narnia 1

Narnia 2

A butterfly on a flower

Narnia 3

Narnia 4

Narnia 5

Narnia 6

Narnia 7

Narnia 8

Narnia 9

Narnia 10

Narnia 11

Narnia 12

Narnia - This is called the wardrobe

Narnia Lamp 1

Narnia Lamp 2

Narnia 13

Narnia 14

Abundant beauty

A view from the walk to Taylor lodge from our cabin.

The boardwalk leading up to Taylor lodge.

Smores and Songs

Relaxing by the cabin.

Emily smiling

Emily posing for a magazine or something

Wednesday night fancy dinner. Yummy food.