Random Thoughts of Chris

Since my brain is constantly turning and since there are times where I have nothing to think about, I decided to pursue thinking deep thoughts during those times. The perfect example of this is of course when I'm driving to work or lying in bed at night. Many of the below are the result of that few minute thought walk to and from class while I was in college. Some are from nights when I just couldn't sleep. And there are more than a few, that have come from significant events in my life. Like Intervarsity's School Of Leadership Training for example. I think there are at least a few in here from that. So, With that said, enjoy.
  1. Courage is well placed faith - 3/28/03
  2. Man's greatest strength and greatest weakness is that he pursue's both his good and bad qualities equally well. - 3/01/04
  3. With so many divisions in the modern church it sometimes seems that its one common thread is division. - 6/24/04
  4. When humility isn't the rule Christ doesn't rule. - 7/12/2004
  5. While there is a clear distinction between good and evil not everything can be distinguished as black and white. - 7/20/2004
  6. The great thing about serving God is that he calls us to do the very thing we can't do without his help.- 2004
  7. Blood is thicker than water, but the spirit is eternal. - 11/9/2004
  8. Necessity is the mother of all change and often the child as well. - 12/14/2004
  9. The best pain is surgical pain because it brings healing. - 1/10/05
  10. If wisdom is "the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight" (Dictionary.com) then the secret to gaining wisdom is being wise about your foolishness. - 1/24/05
  11. To love is good, to live in love is much better, but to love before you are loved is divine. - 2/27/2004
  12. Sometimes trying to fix things our self is like expecting a broken computer to fix itself. It doesn't work too well. - 3/11/2005
  13. The reward of unselfishly serving others when they need it the most is often finding yourself being unselfishly served when you need it the most. - 3/12/2005
  14. The best leaders are followers and the best followers are leaders. - 2004
  15. If I at all seem to succeed or soar above the rest, it's because I ride upon the wings of the Holy Spirit. - 6/27/2005
  16. Prayer is the ultimate wireless protocol! It's fast, reliable, secure, and has no distance limitations. - 9/6/2005
  17. It is against my religion to not talk about my faith with someone who is seriously pursing a religion. - 3/4/2006
  18. The cost of humility is much less than the cost of arrogance. - 3/29/2006
  19. Jesus doesn't present himself as an alternative to other religions, he presents himself as an alternative to Hell. - 4/10/2006
  20. You might be a geek if you think DUI stands for Dumb User Interface. - 4/24/2006
  21. The funny thing about pride is it's easy to hurt but hard to kill!. - 5/26/2006
  22. A life without the Lord isn't worth living but a life with the Lord is worth dieing for. - 7/30/2006
  23. God gives everyone a purpose but until it's chosen, aspiration is meaningless. - 8/13/2006
  24. So that's what S.O.A.P. is! - 11/15/2006
  25. With regards to missions; if you don't have money you may not go but if you don't have prayer you might as well not go. - 11/26/2006
  26. A picture is worth a 1000 words, but a good picture is worth a million bytes. - 2/17/2007
  27. Unfortunatley, the stereo-typical geek isn't very compatible with H.I. technology. (H.I. = Human Interface) - 2/18/2007
  28. Life isn't about probability unless you make it about probability. - 6/4/2007
  29. Salted meat still spoils. (To understand read Matthew 5:13) - 10/29/2007
  30. Knowledge is power and he who forgets easily is powerless. - 3/13/2008
  31. The more you do that which requires discipline when you don't feel like it the more you will feel like doing that which requires discipline. - 12/30/2008
  32. He who seeks pain will find it but he who avoids pain will fail. - 2/27/2009
  33. Loneliness saps the strength of the heart, but true companionship makes one strong. - 1/16/2011
  34. As Christians the world likes to believe we are the outsiders looking in but the Bible tells us we are the insiders reaching out. - 6/5/2011
  35. Prayer is free, love is precious but prayer motivated by love is powerful. - 6/5/2011
  36. Men who crave beauty will not alway be satiated when it presents itself; but men who seek beauty will see it all around them. - 7/8/2011
  37. Rarely does change occur with out friction. - 8/28/2011
  38. The loudest worship come's from the heart when the mouth is silent. - 9/18/2011
  39. Love conquers fear, but love powers righteous anger. - 10/19/2011
  40. Don't be so caught up in not being offensive that you miss what's wrong. - 10/19/2011
  41. The foundation of tomorrows discipline is laid with today's choices. - 1/22/2012
  42. The light of the Lord in our public life is just the after glow of the love of the Lord in our private life. - 7/3/2012
  43. In a sea of vinegar a little honey stands out. - 8/14/2013
  44. Man does not live by mind alone. - 12/22/2014
Chris Carlson