The following are a small but growing number of written works that I've created. You should also know that they are all in .pdf format, so if you need it you may have to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. I will also caution you that most are deeply spiritual and they almost always come from spiritual battles that I was engaged in. They are arranged from newest to oldest. That said, I hope that they may be a blessing to you.
  1. Dead People... - Evangelism through the eyes of the spiritually dead.
  2. Exploring My Heart... - Going deeper into ones own heart is risky and takes work.
  3. Faith Is Not Absurd... - Faith is actually quite reasonable.
  4. My Review Of "His Dark Materials"... - Just my two cents.
  5. When... - A very action oriented poem.
  6. Eternity - What difference does it make?
  7. The Little Mountain - A parable I wrote while in China.
  8. Knights - Story of a boy who is captured and becomes a knight for his captors.
  9. American Toys - What's relevant to you? (Open Air Sermon From SLT)
  10. The Letter - A poem about Christ's renewing abilities.
  11. Love! Hate! - Don't ya just love to hate to love some people?
  12. A Doomed Race - A story about saving grace.
  13. Ache - The ache that only God fills by giving you purpose.
  14. Seeds - An analogy of love.
I sincerely hope what's here is of some entertainment/nourishment to you. Some of it's meant to be funny, but most of it is fairly serious.

Sincerely Yours,

Chris Carlson