Spiritual Gifts Test

I ran across a spiritual gifts test that I took some time ago and as I reviewed it an idea hit me. I'm sure others could benefit from this as I have. So, I decided to write a simple program that would allow others to take the test as well. It's a 126 question test designed to test for the spiritual gifts of Service, Intercession, Teaching, Hospitality, Leadership, Faith, Administration, Evangelist, Missionary, Wisdom, Helps, Giving, Discernment, Sherperding, Celibacy, Exhortation, Knowledge, and Mercy. My sincere hope is that this program will allow you to perhaps learn more about the gifts that God has given you for use in his kingdom. I also recommend you take adavantage of the fact that you can save your results. This will allow you to print them from a word processor and review them with your friends, family, and mentors. Talking to them will not only help to confirm your gifts, but help you determine if the test wasn't accurate in a certain area. Remember, these tests aren't about pigeon holing who you are. You will probably end up with slightly different scores every time you take the test, so it's only meant to provide a little bit of insight or confirmation.

Their are two different versions of this program. There is the DOS version, which just lets you save your results in a file. And there is the much better Windows version. The windows version still allows you to save your results, but you can print them as well. It also allows you to go back to a previous question while you are taking the test. I recommend the Windows version, but both will give you the same test and the same results. Also, the program is contained in a ZIP file. If you need a program to open a ZIP file with Click Here. With that said, click below to download it.

NOTE: If you want to save your results in the DOS version make sure you don't open sgtest from within WinZIP. It will save your results in an obscure place and may make it hard to find them. If you want to keep them make sure to choose the "Extract" button. It is towards the top of the program if it is running in classic mode. After you choose that, choose the "Desktop" button along the left side pain. Finally choose the "Extract" button that should now be located in the lower, right hand corner of the window you are in.